Our Vision

A peaceful Zambian society in which all communities; rural and urban; attain justice for sustainable development.

Our Mission

The mission of PAF is to empower rural communities through non-formal education for sustainable development.



Liechtenstein Prime Minister visits PAF Mazabuka




Liechtenstein a country in Europe. It is the fourth smallest country in Europe and the sixth smallest in the world. It has a dimension of 24.8Km at the longest distance, 12.5Km at the widest. It has a total geographical area of 160Km sequared of which 41% is Wooded area, 31% Agricultural, 15% Unproductive and 10% is settlement area. It has a total population of 35,356 and Vaduz is its capital city.

The principality of Liechtenstein is a hereditary constitutional monarchy, based on a democratic and parliamentary system. Power lies with the Prince and the people and is exercised by both in accordance with the provisions of their constitution. The government is a Five Member governement nominated by the parliament and appointed by the Prince for four years. The head of Government is Otmar Hasler (FBP)


PAF has been supported by Liechtenstein Development Service (LED) from 2003 for its programme activities in Southern Province. LED was founded in 1965 and it is a private-law fundation to the people and governement of Liechtenstein. It provides official development aid on behalf of Liechtenstein's government; works especially in rural regions in the fields of education, health and rural development; gives priority to gender issues, soucial justice and the governement in all rspects.


It is from this background that PAF had the previledge of hosting the Prime Minister Otmar Hasler on 4th March 2009 through our partner LED from Liechtenstein. The entourage included Mrs. Hasler-Hilti (Wife of the Prime Minister), Mr. Josef Biedermann, LED President; & his Wife Mrs. Josefina Biedermann; Dr. Rudolf Batliner, LED Secretary General' Mrs. Ute Mayer, LED Desk Officer - Africa; Mrs. Elizabeth Atzinger, LED Representative for Southern Africa - based in Harare.

They visited the PAF programme in Nega Nega - Mazabuka. It was a joyous moment for the people of Nega Nega. >>more on Visit



Prime Minister Otmar Hasler (right) & his Wife Mrs. Traudi Hasler-Hilti (middle)

Dr. Rudolf Batliner (left) LED General Secretary


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